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Britain has an amazingly rich history from its early beginnings thousands upon thousands of years ago…

Let us take you on a Journey Through Time


Starting with fascinating pre-historic bronze and iron-age times and moving towards the present day,  we will gradually build your knowledge and understanding of how our country, people and culture have changed over time.

Each stage of your Journey will reveal the next layer of history through fascinating visits, talks and experiences.

Join us on a fun and informative small group tour within the UK as we explore the colourful history, heritage and beauty of these special islands in a unique

Journey through Time

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Quality Small Group Tours

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Clean, Comfortable Transport

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Journeys Through Time Tours

At Camino Tours we want to be different. Our pricing policy is completely transparent. When we say inclusive we mean it. We will always state exactly what our prices include so you know exactly how much your trip will cost from the beginning, without any nasty surprises later on.

Get in touch…

so that we can talk you through the options.  A tailored tour will be tailored to your budget and agreed with you, whether that be budget or 5 star accommodation, self-drive or luxury chauffeur driven transport, of one day’s duration or several days.

 Our two week Journey through Time includes the following:


What’s Included

  • Tour leader
  • All entry costs for the properties, visits, tours and talks specified as part of the tour
  • All Guides, whether human, audio, visual (as stated on tour itinerary)
  • All optional talks and discussion groups hosted by us
  • Accommodation at our trusted guest houses or hotels
  • Single supplements where applicable
  • Breakfast and one substantial three course meal each day
  • Clean, comfortable transport with driver from start to finish
  • Baggage handling
  • Vehicle parking
  • Transaction fees
  • Booking fees
  • Any surcharges
  • Financial Failure insurance
  • Professional and Public Liability insurance

What’s Not Included

  • The cost of any visits to properties, tours, talks or social activities which were suggested as optional during your free time.
  • Additional guide books, literature or souvenirs that you choose to purchase
  • Third meal of the day (usually lunch)
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Taxis or other transport should you choose to travel independently at any time
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Transport to and from the stated tour start/finish point



Tailored Tours

Tailored Tours are designed to meet your needs so, by agreement, may exclude some of the items which would be included as standard in a Journey through Time. Never hesitate to ask us if you are unsure as to what is included before you make your decision to join us.



Clean, Comfortable Transport

We use clean, comfortable, small group transport for our Journeys Through Time. For a full group (up to 14 people) we use quality, luxury Mercedes minibuses to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of your journey through time with us.  This means that we can provide you with the comfort that you need for longer journeys whilst having the flexibility to take the more interesting or panoramic routes.

Features include:

Smaller groups will travel in comfortable 6 or 8 seater cars.  Tea, coffee, biscuits and other snacks will be provided.


Trusted Accommodation

(And Quality Meals)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming home after a busy day.

That is why we only use guesthouses and hotels that we have visited and trust to deliver outstanding hospitality. We look for warm hearted, personable and interesting lodgings with character.

Breakfast will always be provided by your accommodation.  Our main meal of the day, which will usually be in the evening, will be provided for the whole group and will either be at your accommodation or, sometimes, at a specially chosen local restaurant.  


Quality Small Group Tours


By keeping our group size small we can offer you a quality experience with a degree of flexibility that you would not find on a larger group tour.  Here are some of the reasons why:

It’s our passion

It is our passion, which we want to share with you.

 Getting to know you

Before the tour we’d like to get to know you, to learn a little about what you hope to get from your Journey with us. We can’t guarantee to meet your every wish (much as we’d like to) but we will try to accommodate as much as we can, and tell you if we can’t. 

 Personal Experience

We have personally visited all the places that we will take you to on your Journey with us, and thought about how you can get the most from each experience.  


Our friendly driver will be with us all day, giving us a degree of flexibility to accommodate different needs and changing circumstances.

And whilst we can’t let our guides or guest speakers down by not being somewhere at a pre-arranged time, we can try to take the most scenic routes, or alter the route to incorporate something of interest.

 Uniquely Yours 

If our published Journey Through Time is not quite right for you, do get in touch to see if we can create a slightly different journey, at a different time, just for you

Unique Journeys Through Time…

Week 1: Neolithic to Tudor times


Pre-historic Britain 

Small group  tours of England take in Creswell Crags neolithic limestone gorge
© November 2015 Creswell Heritage Trust

We will explore pre-historic cave dwellings in Derbyshire and see fascinating Bronze Age constructions in Cambridgeshire, before ending this period with a visit to an Iron Age hill fort with its spectacular views across Leicestershire and its neighbouring counties. Two nights will be spent in a wonderful hotel on the outskirts of Melton Mowbray.



Roman Period

Historic guided tours of Roman Chester

In 43AD the Romans arrived in the country and the way of life began to change. We will take a scenic journey, stopping at points of interest on the way, to the truly lovely city of Chester to learn about the impact of Rome and life in Roman Britain. Two nights will be spent in Chester, meaning that you will have time to explore other aspects of this beautiful city.



The Dark Ages

A stylised golden seahorse from the Staffordshire Hoard collection

As the Roman rule ended in 410, England entered the Dark Ages. The area that we are journeying through became known as Mercia and was variously fought over and held by both the Saxons and Vikings. We start this period with a visit to the fabulous Staffordshire Hoard, a collection of hundreds of pieces of beautiful Saxon gold and silver metalwork. Moving on, we stop at Tamworth which was once the capital of the ancient Saxon kingdom of Mercia. We head towards our next destination, Lincoln, stopping to visit Repton which became, briefly, the home of the Great Army of the Vikings.



Norman and Medieval Britain

Lincoln Castle

William of Normandy’s invasion in 1066 marked the beginning of the Norman Period and left his mark on the country in many ways, including the building of large numbers of castles and cathedrals. We will visit Lincoln Castle and the beautiful Cathedral set high on what is locally known as the ‘Lincolnshire Edge’ or the ‘Cliff’. Lincoln Castle is home to one of the original copies of the Magna Carta. We will learn about the beginnings of democracy when King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta in Runnymede in 1215. 

Two nights will be spent in Lincoln so that you have time to explore this delightful and compact small city.



The start of the Tudor Period


The Wars of the Roses climaxed in 1485 when Richard 3rd, the last Plantagenet King was killed and Henry’s victory began the Tudor Period. The remains of Richard 3rd were recently discovered in Leicestershire so we will visit the battle field at Bosworth to learn what it would have been like when Richard and his army marched across the country to meet with Henry’s army in that fatal battle. We will finish our journey with a visit to Leicester, now known as Richard 3rd’s Leicester.



Our last night of Week 1 will be spent back at our hotel in Melton Mowbray. You may choose to end your Journey with us here, remain with us for Week 2 or join us just for the second week.

Week 2: Tudor to Present day

The Tudors

GainsboroughStratford HouseThe historic Kenilworth Castle, founded in Norman times and used until the Elizabethan era, now ruined. An Elizabethan style garden.




We visit Gainsborough Old Hall, a magnificent medieval manor house and our bridge between week 1 and week 2 of our Journey.  Richard III stayed here, and later  Henry VIII. 

We visit Shakespeare’s Stratford upon Avon to learn, not only about Shakespeare but also the dissolution of the monastries.

We end the Tudor period at the magnificent remains of Kenilworth Castle, once owned by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.  Queen Elizabeth I stayed here with him in 1575, which led to Sir Walter Scott’s novel, Kenilworth.

Our first three nights are spent at our hotel in Melton Mowbray. 


English Civil War

We head to Newark. This attractive market town is now home to the National Civil War Museum and a splendid place to learn about what lead to the battles between the Parliamentarians (“Roundheads”) and the Royalists (“Cavaliers“).

1642 was the year that Isaac Newton was born, so we’ll call in on his house and garden where the apple that fell led to his discovery of gravity.

This period was also the time of the Black Death, the great plague that swept the country. We will end it with a trip to the Plague Village of Eyam.  It is impossible to visit this unspoilt Derbyshire village in the beautiful Peak District and not be moved by the tragic events that took place there almost 350 years ago.

We will spend the next two nights on the edge of the Peak District where you will be able to enjoy this beautiful countryside.


 Empire and Seas

Kedleston hall

This period saw the Battle of Trafalgar and the Battle of Waterloo, the rise of the British Empire, the abolition of the slave trade and the start of the industrial revolution. What a lot to cover, but we let you experience it through the perfect contrast of Georgian splendour at Kedleston Hall and the amazing story of the first factory production line at Arkwright’s cotton mill.


 Victorian Britain

BCLMWe go to the heart of industrial Britain to spend the day at the Black Country Living Museum. Over fifty authentic shops, houses and workshops have been carefully reconstructed to preserve the character of the region.  You can watch artisans at work, travel on a tram or on a canal boat and watch Victorian folk go about their business. You will probably even find yourself saying “oh I remember that ….!”


We return to our hotel in Melton Mowbray for the last two nights as we prepare to bring ourselves up to date in modern Britain.


Wartime Britain

Bletchley Park

 What a different country this might have been if the outcome of the world wars had been different. We go to Bletchley Park to explore and experience the top-secret world of WW2 code-breaking and its importance to future of Britain.





 Modern Britain

We return to the Black Country and to Birmingham, now the largest and most populous British city outside London and a multi-cultural, modern, vibrant city. Amongst other things we will visit the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. When the proprietors of the Smith & Pepper jewellery manufacturing firm retired in 1981 they simply ceased trading and locked the door, unaware they would be leaving a time capsule for future generations.

We will also travel to the top of the extraordinary modern Library, from where you we will look out over the city and its surrounding areas. If you were with us during Week 1 you may well reflect back on the very different world that we talked about when we looked around from the top of the Burrough Hill Iron Age Fort. 


Unique Journeys Through Time


Britain has an amazingly rich history from its early beginnings thousands upon thousands of years ago…

It has been home to some of the most exciting scientists, politicians, artists, writers and musicians in history.

Your journey through time will take you from fascinating pre-historic bronze and iron-age times through to the present day, gradually building your knowledge and understanding of how our country, people and culture have changed over time.  Each stage of your journey will reveal the next level of history through a range of tours, visits, talks and experiences.

Unique Journeys Through Time…

Pre-historic Britain to the Iron Age


We will explore pre-historic cave dwellings in Derbyshire and see fascinating Bronze Age constructions in Cambridgeshire, before ending this period with a visit to an Iron Age hill fort with its spectacular views across Leicestershire and its neighbouring counties. Two nights will be spent in a wonderful hotel on the outskirts of Melton Mowbray.