• Are the tours suitable for children?

    The tours are designed for adults but well behaved children over the age of 12 are welcome. The cost of the tour would not be significantly reduced for a child but we would try to give you the benefit of lower entrance fees and accommodation costs where possible.You could also talk to us about our Tailored Tours, which could be made more suitable for children and might also be more cost effective for you.

  • Are the tours suitable for wheelchair users?

    Our tours are designed for small groups and so unfortunately the transport is not large enough to hold a wheelchair inside, it would have to be folded and stored with the luggage. We can guarantee a ground floor bedroom but not necessarily a fully disabled accessible room and bathroom. So if you are able to walk short distances and only need a wheelchair only for longer distances then the tour could be suitable for you Please call us to discuss this before booking.You could also talk to us about our Tailored Tours. This would give us the opportunity to tailor something which you could be sure would be suitable for you.

  • Do the tours have a Tour Leader or Guide?

    All our Journeys Through Time have a Tour Leader whose role is to enable the tour to run as smoothly as possible for you and to keep you informed as to what is happening each day. Your Tour Leader will accompany the tour at all times. Sometimes your Tour Leader will act as your guide, at other times specialist guides will be available.

    Our Tailored Tours give you the option of being accompanied by a Tour Leader if you wish.

  • Are the tours suitable for people who do not speak good English?

    Unfortunately the tours are only conducted in English and all of our own literature and talks are in English. Some of the places that we visit will provide literature and guides in other languages, but in general we believe that you should have a good level of English to really enjoy our tours.
  • How much luggage can I bring?

    You can bring one large case which will be carried in the vehicle luggage storage area. You can also bring a small day bag which can be carried inside the vehicle.
  • What type of clothing will I need?

    Our tours are quite informal and it is best for you to be comfortable in casual clothing. You should have shoes which are easy to walk in, a few layers so that you can dress according to the weather and a waterproof jacket. Formal dress is not usually necessary but please see the details of each tour for further guidance.
  • Will there be any laundry service?

    There will be provision for doing laundry at certain points during the tour, usually every three or four days. Please see the individual tours for further detail.
  • Is there wifi internet access in the transport and accommodation?

    We will try to provide 4G wifi internet access in the transport, subject to local conditions, for accessing email or looking up information but not for streaming videos or music. The majority of our accommodation will provide internet access but it cannot always be guaranteed.