The Tudors

GainsboroughStratford HouseThe historic Kenilworth Castle, founded in Norman times and used until the Elizabethan era, now ruined. An Elizabethan style garden.






We visit Gainsborough Old Hall, a magnificent medieval manor house and our bridge between week 1 and week 2 of our Journey.  Richard III stayed here, and later  Henry VIII.

We visit Shakespeare’s Stratford upon Avon to learn, not only about Shakespeare but also the dissolution of the monastries.

We end the Tudor period at the magnificent remains of Kenilworth Castle, once owned by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.  Queen Elizabeth I stayed here with him in 1575, which led to Sir Walter Scott’s novel, Kenilworth.

Our first three nights are spent at our hotel in Melton Mowbray.


English Civil War

NewarkA costumed intrepreter in the kitchen at Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire. Woolsthorpe Manor was the home of the scientist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton.



We head to Newark. This attractive market town is now home to the National Civil War Museum and a splendid place to learn about what lead to the battles between the Parliamentarians (“Roundheads”) and the Royalists (“Cavaliers“).

1642 was the year that Isaac Newton was born, so we’ll call in on his house and garden where the apple that fell led to his discovery of gravity.

This period was also the time of the Black Death, the great plague that swept the country. We will end it with a trip to the Plague Village of Eyam.  It is impossible to visit this unspoilt Derbyshire village in the beautiful Peak District and not be moved by the tragic events that took place there almost 350 years ago.

We will spend the next two nights on the edge of the Peak District where you will be able to enjoy this beautiful countryside.


 Empire and Seas 

This period saw the Battle of Trafalgar and the Battle of Waterloo, the rise of the British Empire, the abolition of the slave trade and the start of the industrial revolution. What a lot to cover, but we let you experience it through the perfect contrast of Georgian splendour at Kedleston Hall and the amazing story of the first factory production line at Arkwright’s cotton mill.


Victorian Britain

We go to the heart of industrial Britain to spend the day at the Black Country Living Museum. Over fifty authentic shops, houses and workshops have been carefully reconstructed to preserve the character of the region.  You can watch artisans at work, travel on a tram or on a canal boat and watch Victorian folk go about their business. You will probably even find yourself saying “oh I remember that ….!”

We return to our hotel in Melton Mowbray for the last two nights as we prepare to bring ourselves up to date in modern Britain.


Wartime Britain

Bletchley Park

What a different country this might have been if the outcome of the world wars had been different. We go to Bletchley Park to explore and experience the top-secret world of WW2 code-breaking and its importance to future of Britain.



 Modern Britain

We return to the Black Country and to Birmingham, now the largest and most populous British city outside London and a multi-cultural, modern, vibrant city. Amongst other things we will visit the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. When the proprietors of the Smith & Pepper jewellery manufacturing firm retired in 1981 they simply ceased trading and locked the door, unaware they would be leaving a time capsule for future generations.

We will also travel to the top of the extraordinary modern Library, from where you we will look out over the city and its surrounding areas. If you were with us during Week 1 you may well reflect back on the very different world that we talked about when we looked around from the top of the Burrough Iron Age Hill Fort.

Week 1

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